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We provide the highest quality house washing service in the Kansas City Metro. Both licensed and insured, you can be assured that your home will be taken care of by professionals.

House Washing

We provide the highest quality house washing service in the Kansas City Metro. Both Licensed and Insured, you can be assured that your home will be taken care of by professionals.

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There is nothing better than glass so clean you can’t even tell it is there. From better natural light to longer window lifespan, our window cleaning service is guaranteed to make your windows shine! 

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Frequently Asked
Exterior Cleaning Services Questions

One FAQ we get is what power washing is. Power washing, or pressure washing, is the application of a high-pressure water spray to surfaces that need to be cleaned.

The terms “power wash” and “pressure wash” are completely synonymous. The fact is these terms are used interchangeably to describe the process of using high-pressure water to clean surfaces. We use 3,000 PSI pressure washing machines, both hot and cold water units.

While power washing can be viewed as a do-it-yourself project, there is a clear distinction between a DIY crew and professional services. This means you get greater capability of equipment and greater expertise by having trained power washing technicians do it for you.

A do-it-yourself washer may set the pressure too high for the surface or hold the nozzle too close to it. This can result in chipped paint, damaged screens, and ruined siding. And though most power washing equipment you can rent has the same PSI as commercial-grade tools, it holds a minimal amount of water—making this project take days, not hours.

For most surfaces, annual surface cleaning is sufficient. However, the frequency may depend on the surface’s materials and current condition.

A standard-sized driveway can take around 30-45 minutes to surface clean. However, the time it takes can depend on the size and condition of the surface.

Citric acid can be used to remove stains and clean concrete driveways or wooden decks. Sodium hypochlorite can disinfect and remove stains, sodium hydroxide can dissolve grease and fats, and bleach can sanitize and disinfect aggressively.

We recommend cleaning them whenever you notice a problem occurring. Besides that, especially living in the Kansas City area, you should clean your gutters in the spring and fall at least once a year. Lots of dirt and debris accumulate in the spring and lots of falling leaves and twigs in the fall. In the winter, snow and ice can also affect gutters.

Usually, it is best not to use any cleaning chemicals when performing gutter cleanings. Regarding our gutter brightening services, we will make a decision on what chemical would work best and can use eco-friendly solutions if that is specifically asked for.

For the most part, no, we do not include blowing off the entire roof during gutter cleanings. However, we do include this as a separate service that you can add on. Since the Kansas City area has lots of trees and leaves on roofs, we clean the leaves out of the roofing valleys and around the perimeter of the gutter. That way, debris doesn’t go straight into the gutter during the next rain.

The frequency of window cleaning depends on several factors, such as your personal preferences and environmental considerations. Living in the Kansas City Metro, we experience all types of seasons and weather, so it is recommended to get a window cleaning done once every 3 or 4 months.

Our window cleaning prices vary from each different location. Factors include how dirty your windows are, how many windows you have, and how large or hard to reach they are. As a general rule the average cost to have your windows cleaned is anywhere from $200 – $350.

There are a variety of solutions on the market, but one of the best and most cost-effective window cleaning solutions is a homemade solution with dawn dish soap and pure water. This solution will cut through grime and leave your windows sparkling clean. To make the solution, simply mix together 1 part dish soap with ten parts water. Once mixed, pour it into a spray bottle and use it as you would any other window-cleaning solution.

Dirty trash bins stink! Nobody likes to clean them–it’s dirty, disgusting work. Using a garden hose and detergent is not powerful enough to clean, sanitize, or properly disinfect dirty bins. As an added bonus, it is going to spray back on you! If you use harsh chemicals, you could put yourself, your pets, and the environment at risk. We use industrial-grade equipment to safely clean, disinfect and deodorize your bins using only water while collecting and responsibly disposing of the waste.

You should clean your trash can at least once a month or when there is a leak or a foul odor. If your trash is stored inside, you should clean it more frequently.

One-time cleanings cost more because, generally, this is the first time the trash can has been cleaned ever or in a very long time. A one-time clean takes longer and uses more water and chemicals to complete the job. With our monthly service, the cost is divided over a longer term.

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